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What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic Football combines the suspense of soccer, the skills and scoring of basketball and the speed of the

fastest sports in the world in a free flowing action-packed sport. It originated in Ireland centuries ago but

it's taking off in North America and is played by many nationalities all over the world. Try it!


What will my children learn from Gaelic Football?

Gaelic footballers develop playing skills and especially ball handling skills that give them a big

advantage when playing soccer, basketball and American Football. In addition to learning specific skills

such as ball handling, passing, kicking and defense, they also develop general athletic skills such as

running and hand-eye coordination. This is all done in a team framework that encourages children to

work together in a fun training environment.


Who can play?

Our club is open to all boys and girls regardless of their experience. Training sessions are typically

broken up into U6, U8, U10 and U12 age brackets. Boys and girls train and play together.


Where does training take place?

Our training takes place in Tibbets Brook Park, Yonkers, on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7pm. We

typically train from late March through July and from September through November. Some indoor

training is also offered during the winter.


How much does it cost to play?

There is no cost! Registration and training are free so it costs you absolutely nothing to come and try out.

All you need are some soccer cleats but you can start with just some sneakers too!


Watch this video to see this exciting sport for yourself!